Кратко описание:

Мултимедиен стриймър с WiFi/Lan възможности и управление през апликация.

Съвместим с AirPlay 2 за директно слушане на музика от iPhone iPad и чрез Siri за Apple Music
Управление чрез SONOS App за мобилни устрайства и Windows компютри 
Свързване: RCA Line In
                  RCA Line Out
                  Digital Coax Out 
                  12V Trigger

SONOS Port замества изключително успешният SONOS Connect.
Възможност за доставки в началото на декември 2019г 

Цена: 889 лв.

Port is the successor to Connect, delivering richer sound and extending Sonos’s sound platform to your traditional home audio equipment. Port includes an updated digital-to-analogue converter for clearly detailed sound and a 12V trigger, which automatically turns on your amplifier in order to more reliably initiate playback. Port also allows you to control content using Apple AirPlay 2 and features a versatile design compatible with a standard AV rack.

Port supports voice control with either Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant when connected to a voice-enabled device, such as Sonos One, Beam, Amazon Echo Dot, or Google Home, over WiFi.

Port’s RCA input can connect turntables, CD players, iPods, DACs, and other audio devices, allowing you to steam vinyl, CDs, and locally-stored audio files to wireless Sonos speakers throughout your home.